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LiverpoolFunny サッカーの曲

You'll never sing alone!

156 We're Not English, We Are Scouse Saw it on Youtube プレイリスト
324 Best Behaved Supporters In The Land Best supporters in the world プレイリスト
500 Where's Your Mourinho Yet another sung to Chelsea. プレイリスト
857 Bounce In A Minute Accompanied by jumping up and down プレイリスト
14971 Ugly Rooney Poor Rooney
15519 Carlos Tevez Harsh but fair
15591 Rooney Hate Rooney scum
16412 Dodgy Nemanja Just for the overated centre back
16884 Dirk Kuyt As Good As He May Be Liverpool fans salute their striker to tune of Lord of the Dance.
17733 Mark, Mark, Mark Gonzales Heard this in Bordeaux. Sung to the tune of Delilah.
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17761 U-N-I-T-E-D sticking it up the b*stards
17774 Rafa's Goatee Beard Funny
19328 Carra's Dad In reference to Jaime Carragher's dad being banned from football stadia after being arrested for being drunk at a football match.
19769 Blame it on Traore To Blame It On The Boogie
20008 Rafa's Got His Dirk Kuyt Sounds very similar to Rafa's got his Dick Out
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