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Hull トップのチャント(ページ 4)サッカー チャント

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

8307 Disco Dancing Mendy sang to bernard mendy
8317 Oh Ian Ashbee I'd let him sh*g me wife, really I would
8326 He Goes By The Name George Boateng Sang for Georgie B at Villa Park
8327 Nice Ground Sh*t Fans Sang to Arsenal at the Emirates when the Arsenal fans were quiet throughout the game. No wonder we beat them
8364 Empty Seats Sang when there's no fans of the other team プレイリスト
8679 Geo Geo Good lyric and we should bounce like liverpool and learn these lyric and sing it on next away day
8803 Goal Kick Shouted whilst a goalkick is being taken by the oppositions keeper to force a miss-kick
8837 Dukes Just Too Good For You Sang to Duke
8923 Stephen Hunt song for 09/10 signing Stephen Hunt
9280 Daniel Cousin Daniel cousin dee de de de
  Premier League Betting
9303 Micheal Bridges Sang to Micheal Bridges even though he is loaned out to Carlisle
9337 We Can See You Sneakin Out Sang to oppositions fans when they leave early
9526 Jimmy The Best By Far Short but effective
9602 Let's All Do The Mendy Sang by a small amount of Hull City fans at The City of Manchester tadium
9629 Sacked In The Morning Adopted by City in the 2007/8 season, when defeat at the KC seemed to preceed every other manager picking up their P45
  Premier League Betting

Fifa ワールド カップと PES 聖歌パック

HCFC サッカー チャントとプロの進化、xBox、コンピューター、プレイ ステーションのためのサッカーの歌

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