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Hull トップのチャント(ページ 4)サッカー チャント

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

8320 Zayatte Ooooh Hull fans song for Kamil Zayatte
8382 105 Years when opposite fans say about our lack of throphies and no history
8630 We Love You City The football classic, another one good as a Hull City ringtone for the mobile. プレイリスト
8655 We All Follow A Black And Amber Team Yellow Submarine gets the city treatment.
8680 He's Our Man Dean windass Hull City legend song.
8780 Kamil Zayatte, Zayatte Dont know what the song is called for this tune but markus bent once has this song.
8793 Na Na Na City John would like this one プレイリスト
8803 Hughes Sang to Bryan Hughes プレイリスト
9100 Let's All Do The Mendy Sang by a small amount of Hull City fans at The City of Manchester tadium
9178 You're Not Fit To Referee Sang to a crap ref normally Mike Riley
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9235 Take Me Home Anlaby Road Made it up thought it was good.
9245 You're Ground's Too Big For You Too much space, not enough fans プレイリスト
9463 You're Not English Any More Sung after beating Arsenal
9641 Ray Parlour Oohhh Sang to Ray Parlour whilsthe played for Hull but trained with Arsenal :S
9704 Empty Seats Sang when there's no fans of the other team プレイリスト
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