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Hull トップのチャント(ページ 4)サッカー チャント

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

11389 Engaland Sang in the tune of "we are hull" and Sang to Man Utd when they sang about Argentina for Tevez.
11628 Two Deanos Deans Windass & Marney
11719 More Noise At A Funeral sang to teams who don't sing
11760 105 Years when opposite fans say about our lack of throphies and no history
11817 Can You Hear Us In Hull Sang when we were on the tele プレイリスト
11953 You're Not English Any More Sung after beating Arsenal
12035 Kiamil Zayatte Plays For Guinea Kamil Zayatte Hulls Guinea international
12053 S*** Ground No Fans Sang to teams with crap grounds and lots of empty seats, Obiously not the KC
12222 Tell The Board That We'll Be There.... New Tigers chant
12389 Geo! Sang to Geovanni after he does something special which is most of the time
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12628 Sing Your Hearts Out Generic song to prod quiet fans into supporting the team.
12655 In The Town Sang all the time
12755 Whos That Team Call Hull City? sounds good
12849 There's Only One Sang to Micheal Turner nearly every Match
12903 Phil Brown Is Magic Phil Browns song
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Fifa ワールド カップと PES 聖歌パック

HCFC サッカー チャントとプロの進化、xBox、コンピューター、プレイ ステーションのためのサッカーの歌

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