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184 Clyde 歌 & アンプ;サッカー チャント

The bully wee gypsy army getting rowdy

2142 Shawfield Boys, We Are Here! Sung on away days, letting them know the SSEB are in town!
3354 We Want Raff Who needs John Brown? Raff for manager.
3470 Alan Lithgow Chant perv
3612 Hark Now Hear The Clyde Sing Hear us sing!
6976 Forever And Ever No matter what happens.
7241 The Shawfield Boys TheShawfieldBoys
7589 Glory, Glory Gypsy Army! & The Clyde go marching on!
8204 Shawfield Agro We all live in a Shawfield Housing Scheme!
9443 SSEB More than just a firm.
9595 We Love 'The Bully Wee' Or 'We Love Clyde' We love 'The Bully Wee' or 'We love Clyde'
  Premier League Betting
9983 Bully Wee Usually sung as the teams emerge from the tunnel
10036 We'll Support You Evermore! Second divison or not, we'll still support you
10149 Maryhill Slums hahahaha
10881 We are Clyde! Super Clyde! We are 'CLYDE!' Super 'CLYDE!'
11423 Bully Wee Is The Team For Me Bully Wee tune to give a dog a bone
  Premier League Betting


Fifa ワールド カップと PES 聖歌パック

最高の Clyde のサッカー チャント、サッカーの曲の歌詞とプロの進化と fifa ワールド カップのゲームをダウンロードする準備ができて。

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